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Looking for unique single day or multi day private, customized tours, excursions and adventures for yourself, your family or group of friends while visiting Canada's Garden City? Pacific Breeze Tours can provide single and multiday tours and/or adventures designed specifically to fit your requirements. Please email us to see how Pacific Breeze Tours Inc. can make your Victoria holiday an exceptional experience.

Looking for a unique seminar, conference or annual convention venue in a spectacular mountain and ocean setting? Consider beautiful Victoria, British Columbia - Canada's Garden City. Victoria's proximity to major centres like Vancouver and Seattle and unsurpased location on the southern tip of beautiful Vancouver Island make Victoria, BC a perfect venue for an annual convention, conferenence, seminar or organizational / corporate event. Pacific Breeze Tours specializes in providing customized events and event activities for your Victoria seminar, convention or conference. Incorporate one or more of our sightseeing tours or hikes into your convention, conference or seminar activities program and experience Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and the Pacific Northwest. Learn about the mountains, the ocean, lakes, rivers and glaciers. Find out how they were formed and molded. Learn about the human history of the Northwest Pacific, from ancient times through to the establishment of Fort Victoria and the modern settlement of Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia and the Northwest Pacific. Gain insights into timely topics such as the global warming debate, area industrialization, environmental, climate and conservation matters.

Already planning a function or corporate retreat in Victoria, British Columbia and looking for unique, educational team building activities? Pacific Breeze Tours Inc. will be happy to customize a single or multiday event activities program to fit the needs of your function or event. Pacific Breeze Tours Inc. can incorporate various aspects of our tours and wilderness hikes into a customized event or activity program to suit the specific time and content needs of your seminar, conference, convention or organizational function. Whether you are planning your meeting event in Victoria or other points on Vancouver Island including Duncan, Nanaimo of Courtenay / Comox, Pacific Breeze Tours will provide unique educational activities for your event.

Please contact us to find out more about how we can help design specialized activities and events for your annual meeting, conference or convention event in beautiful Victoria BC or on Southern Vancouver Island.