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About Pacific Breeze Tours Inc.

Victoria is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. Its unique location, surrounded by hills, snow capped mountains and oceans imparts a natural beauty that few other places on the planet possess. Its abundant and unique wildlife ( birds, whales, etc.), flora and fauna and diverse and varied ecosystems add to the natural wonderment of Victoria and the surrounding areas. Though a major urban centre, almost all beaches, mountain trails, waterways and major tourist attractions are within a few minutes drive of downtown Victoria / Victoria's inner harbour. Add in unique ancient natural and cultural histories and you have the perfect recipe for the best educational based ecotourism on the planet - which is why Pacific Breeze Tours Inc. was created.
Al Kimmel - Founder & Owner

Al Kimmel, a Professional Engineer (P. Eng.), Professional Geologist (P. Geol) and avid historian graduated from UBC’s Geological Engineering Program and began his career as a Petroleum Engineer and Geologist in Calgary, Alberta in the mid 80's. An avid history buff and jack of all trades, Al recognized the need for hands on industry training courses that would benefit junior technical and all non technical industry employees as well as technical personnel. In 1998, GeoHistory Inc. was born with the creation of the Calgary to Field BC, Mount Stephen Burgess Shale Field Course. Other courses followed. GeoHistory’s courses have been part of the internal training program of numerous companies and industry associations throughout the years.

In 2000, Al relocated his family to Victoria, BC. An avid outdoorsman, Al was amazed by the topographic diversity, ecologial diversity and wealth of natural and cultural history Victoria, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands possessed, as well as by the stunning natural beauty of the area. He quickly recognized that very few tour companies were providing Victoria visitors with educationally based tours and excursions. Given the sucess of GeoHistory Inc., Al felt he could create similar educational experiences for visitors to Victoria. In 2004, Pacific Breeze Tours was born with the Beacon Hill Park Walking Tour. In 2006, Al created and ran the Forces of Nature Tour for his Alaska and Northwest Pacific cruise line partners, a partnership that lasted for many years.

pacific Breeze Founder and Tour and Excursion Developer

Al continues to provide tours, excursions and adventures to Victoria visitors and tourists upon request. He frequently receives help from his son, whom, with his daughter, provided assistance on GeoHistory Courses and Field Trips throughout their childhood and into their adult years. Al's son Landon now runs Victoria based Western Educational Adventures, an outdoor educational adventure company for youth, adults and families - and a valued partner of Pacific Breeze Tours Inc.

A word from Al on tourism in Victoria:

"In order for visitors to get the most out of a tour, excursion or adventure and really experience Victoria, the tour, excursion or adventure has to be interesting, entertaining and fulfilling. The little details all have to be taken care of so the client can relax, enjoy and take everything in. At the end of the program, client expectations should have been exceeded - the clients should have been given an experience that they could not have received elsewhere. This is the premise by which all Pacific Breeze tours, excursions and adventures are developed and ran."

GeoHistory local participants