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April 22, 2018

Victoria Mountain Hike and Kayaking Tour
Victoria, B.C. Guided Hiking Sightseeing Tour and Sea Kayak Expedition Tour 
Looking for a more adventuresome tour of Victoria. Wanting some intense physical exercise, but still wanting to explore the sights and tourist attractions of beautiful Victoria, British Columbia and Southern Vancouver Island? Then this specialized Victoria sightseeing hiking tour and kayak adventure tour is the tourist activity that you are looking for. Our Mountain Hike and Kayaking Tour is for active, physically fit individuals who are sure on their feet, unaffected by heights, a little wave motion and looking for a challenging physical tour activity. The tour starts with an interpretive drive through Victoria provided by Pacific Breeze Tours.

The drive is followed by a guided hiking tour to one of the most stunning vistas on the planet. The 2 mile long (5 kilometre) guided hike winds through a Northwest Pacific rainforest with old growth trees several hundred years old, into an endangered Garry Oak forest and to the summit of a mountain top in the heart of Victoria. Having hiked a total of approximately 200 vertical meters (630 feet - like walking up the stairs in a 630 foot high skyscraper!!), take a well deserved break and soak up the scenery. Enjoy the incomparable 360 degree view of Victoria, the Gulf Islands, the Olympic Mountains and surrounding area.

Along the way, walk in the footsteps of Canada's native peoples and learn about local plants, animals and about the natural, native and cultural history of Victoria, Vancouver Island and area. After a stop for lunch at a local favourite, join one of our water sport partners for an afternoon kayaking tour that will give you a new physical challenge and provide a stunning, different perspective on Victoria and area. All the kayaks and gear neccessary for your kayak tour will be waiting for you when you arrive.

If you would like, make a stop at the world famous Butchart Gardens during your kayak tour and see why the Butchart is rated as one of the planet's most stunning flower gardens.

This tour includes a physical hike that involves walking for several hundred metres on steeply graded earthen slopes, steep rocky and loose sediment slopes and rocky surfaces - all which can be slippery. Particapants need to wear adequate hiking footware with good grips. The hike has an elevation gain of approximately 200 metres (630 feet). Participants must be in very good physical condition for the hike and kayak portions of this tour. This tour is not recommended for individuals with joint, leg, shoulder, arm or mobility problems, or existing health concerns that would be adversely effected by physical excertion.

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$295 (Cdn) per person, minimum 4 people.

Butchart Gardens option: add $35 per person (Cdn) per person

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