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April 22, 2018

The Human Heritage and Cultural History of Vancouver Island and the West Coast
Victoria, B.C. Guided Driving and Walking Sightseeing Tour 
This guided cultural history tour is a must for individuals interested in how Victoria, Vancouver Island and the West Coast became as we know it today. During the course of this Victoria based sightseeing tour, the human history and development of Vancouver Island and the West Coast / Pacific Northwest is explored. Who were the original inhabitants of Vancouver Island and the site of present day Victoria? Who were and when did the first Europeans arrive in the Northwest Pacific, and why? What is the connection between Vancouver Island, Hawaii and Captain Cook? How did Washington, Oregon, Idaho and western Montana - all claimed by Canada and legally owned by a Canadian company - end up as part of the United States and not Canada? Participants will learn the answers to these questions, and more, while touring through the world class Victoria area scenery.
What were the dominant economic forces that shaped the West Coast of North America and who led the charge? From secluded petroglyphs and ancient encampments to the 19th Century Fort Rodd Hill and the famous Craigdaroch and Hatley Castles, this tour is a must for those individuals wanting to gain some insight into the human cultural history and heritage of Victoria, Vancouver Island and the West Coast / Pacific North West. Tour content varies with the tour duration. Morning tours depart from downtown Victoria at 9:00 am and return at 1:30 pm. Afternoon tours depart at 1:30 pm and return at 6 pm. Full day tours can be arranged for an additional fee with a morning departure and are 8 hours in duration, with lunch included.

This tour involves walking for several kilometers on level and graded slopes with the occassional stairwell. Participants must be in good physical condition and be wearing adequate footware. This tour is not recommended for individuals with joint, leg or mobility problems.

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Cost: $130 (Cdn) per person

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