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April 22, 2018

Forces of Nature Tour - Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis and Global Warming
Victoria, B.C. Guided Driving and Walking Sightseeing Tour

Looking for something out of the ordinary - something extraordinary? This four hour guided driving and sightseeing tour is a must for individuals interested in how Victoria, Vancouver Island and the West Coast became as we know it today. The sightseeing tour takes place in and around the Garden City of Victoria, British Columbia. Participants will learn how Vancouver Island was created and molded and, in the process, learn about earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and global warming- all while enjoying some of the world class Victoria and area sightseeing. From secluded sand beaches to major tourist attractions, the natural history of the area is explored. By the end of this combination Victoria BC driving and guided walking tour, participants will have seen some of the most popular sightseeing tour venues and experienced some of the best hidden sightseeing secrets in and around Victoria - as well as having gained an understanding of the amazing natural phenomena that continue to affect Vancouver Island and the West Coast of North America.

Global warming and the global warming debate, probably the most important topic facing life on the planet today, will be explained and exemplified during this Victoria BC guided sightseeing tour as participants are shown evidence of past global warming cycles. Participants will learn about glaciation - why glaciers occur, how they moulded Vancouver Island and the NW Pacific coast and their importance in the economy of Vancouver Island, the West Coast and the planet. What is the impact of glaciers on the modern world and what will their impact be on human civilization into the future?

Is the West Coast of North America at risk from a major earthquake or volcanic eruption? What is the Big One? Will an earthquake cause Vancouver Island to fall into the Pacific or, will an earthquake triggered tsunami cause devastation along the West Coast/Pacific NW similar to that seen in the Indian Ocean in 2004?

From secluded sand beaches to major tourist attractions, the natural history of the Greater Victoria area is explored. By the end of the Forces of Nature Victoria sightseeing tour participants will not only have seen some of the unparalleled sightseeing that has made Victoria, British Columbia famous, but will also have gained an understanding of the amazing natural phenomena that created and continue to shape the area. The Forces of Nature Victoria guided driving and walking sightseeing tours are led by a Professional Geologist / Engineer and amatuer historian. Morning tours depart from downtown Victoria at 9:00 am and return at 1:00 pm. Afternoon tours depart at 1:30 pm and return at 5:30 pm.

This Victoria British Columbia combination driving sightseeing tour and walking sightseeing tour involves walking for several 100 metres on level and graded slopes with the occassional stairwell. Participants must be in good physical condition and be wearing adequate footware. This tour is not recommended for individuals with joint, leg or mobility problems.

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Cost: $125 (Cdn) per person

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